Many children grind their teeth at night, a condition known as bruxism. Most children outgrow bruxism; however, if it continues, our pediatric dentists can provide treatment to help prevent further damage to the teeth and alleviate discomfort. We welcome you to call Pediatric Dentistry South at 412-257-1150 to learn more about bruxism treatments in Pittsburgh and McMurray, Pennsylvania, and to schedule your child’s consultation with Dr. Courtney Uselton and associates.

Bruxism in children may be caused by a variety of factors, including stress due to new surroundings or a change in habit. Symptoms of bruxism include:

  • Audible grinding noise while your child sleeps
  • Unexplained tooth wear
  • Earaches and headaches
  • Aching jaws
  • Muscle tension in the neck

Pediatric Dentistry South provides night guards, also known as bite splints, to help prevent grinding and clenching of the teeth while your child is asleep and alleviate their discomfort. In many cases, simply wearing the night guard will be enough to eliminate the problem. If your child continues to grind his or her teeth, we may recommend alternative therapies to help correct the issue.

Other treatment methods for bruxism include relaxation exercises, massage and stretching of face and neck muscles, applying ice or wet heat, eating soft foods, and hydrating the body.

If your child’s teeth are damaged because of bruxism, we will provide a restorative treatment to bring them back to full function and appearance.

For more information about bruxism, and to make your appointment with our pediatric specialists, please contact our office today.