March 1, 2022

Dear Patients and Families,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our pediatric dentists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and our team are committed to promoting patient safety. Please read the important information from Pediatric Dentistry South below and call 412-257-1150 if you would like to schedule with us.

As the regulations with the CDC, Allegheny Department of Health, Pennsylvania Health Department, and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry continue to change, we at Pediatric Dentistry South strive to always maintain the highest level of infection control standards. As a staff, we will diligently follow the most current regulations to provide the best standards of care to all our patients.

Pediatric Dentistry South has encouraged all staff when ill to stay home from work. All staff have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated should they make that personal health choice. The office provides Personal Protective Equipment to all staff, following current CDC guidelines. Following all current guidelines, we believe that we are providing the safest environment for your child to have their dental prophylaxis and treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry South is a specialty dental practice that focuses on the dental needs of our pediatric population. We often are treating children that have medical conditions that require the care of a specialty doctor. This may make these patients/children especially vulnerable to illness. We ask that all families be diligent with their health and monitoring any signs or symptoms of illness before coming to our office. If you, your children or someone in your household is ill, please call our office, and we will help you reschedule your appointment.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Patients and a parent may come directly into our waiting room.
  • Due to limited clinical space, we ask that parents not accompany their children into the clinical areas.
  • Masks are now optional in our offices. We ask you to please use your discretion for your family.

We look forward to treating your children at the highest stand of care.

Please take a look at our vlog regarding how our staff will look when you come to our office. Dr. Uselton has made this short video so that you can get used to the changes we are making. We hope that this will make you feel more comfortable when you come to see us!


Doctors and Staff of Pediatric Dentistry South