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Are you aware of what baby bottle tooth decay is and what you can do to prevent it? If you do not know what it is, baby bottle tooth decay is a process in which a child’s oral health suffers due to unhealthy substances found in their baby bottles. More often than not, sugar is the main offender.

It is important to make sure that you are not providing your child with any products that can damage their teeth, no matter how small they may be. Listed below or a few common reminders regarding baby bottle tooth decay:

– Avoid products such as sugar water, juice, energy drinks, and soft drinks for your child.

– Never leave a baby bottle in a baby’s mouth while they sleep, as liquids can pool in their mouth.

– Avoid dipping your child’s pacifier or baby bottle top in substances to help them drink, including sugar and honey.

– Focus on only using milk, breast milk, and formula and the child’s baby bottle.

– Bring your child in to visit their pediatric dentist before they are 1 year old for a complete oral examination.

– For additional help with routine checkups and professional cleanings, visit your child’s pediatric dentist.

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