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Are you aware of the issues and abnormalities that can arise from thumb sucking? Although thumb sucking is quite common among children, it can eventually lead to severe dental damage if it continues. Typically, thumb-sucking needs to end when a child is around 4 years of age as their permanent teeth are beginning to grow in at that time. Listed below are a few facts regarding thumb sucking:

– Thumb sucking can hinder the growth of permanent teeth even if they’re not grown in yet.

– Thumb sucking can knock teeth out of position, and even alter the position of future permanent teeth.

– Thumb sucking can damage a child’s gums and even lead to tooth decay or infections.

– For additional help with your child’s thumb sucking, their pediatric dentist can prescribe medication that is used to coat their child’s finger with a bitter substance.

– Children often use thumb sucking as a security blanket, so it is helpful to praise your child and eliminate stress from their life.

– Although pacifiers seem like a healthy alternative, they are actually just as bad for a child’s teeth as thumb sucking is.

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