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Established research has proven that fluoride exposure helps maintain healthy tooth enamel. Many municipal water systems have added fluoride to the drinking water. Drinking fluoridated water, when combined with brushing with a toothpaste containing fluoride often provides a healthy dose of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent cavities and reduces chances of suffering tooth sensitivity from tooth enamel erosion. When combined with your regularly scheduled dental checkups, it can help you maintain healthy teeth.

Families who live in areas that don’t have fluoridated water water may experience dental problems.
If your child’s dental checkup at Pediatric Dentistry South reveals any concerns about their tooth enamel, our dentist might provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements. Using them as directed can help maintain the strength of their teeth between your regularly scheduled dental checkups.
Concentrated fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinses are two of the more popular and convenient options that some people choose. Fluoride supplements are also available in other forms such as sublingual tabs and ingestible liquid.

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