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Discomfort in your child’s teeth, when eating or drinking certain things, can have a significant impact on their overall quality of life. It can also be a sign that the mineral strength of their tooth enamel has been compromised. If it’s not addressed, this could lead to serious oral health problems as they get older.

Exposing your child’s teeth to fluoride from multiple sources can help maintain the mineral density of their teeth. This can help to strengthen their tooth enamel to reduce sensitivity problems while also reducing their chances of experiencing a cavity.  One easy method for strengthening tooth enamel in a short amount of time is to have Dr. Courtney Uselton administer a fluoride treatment.

Afterward the treatment, it’s best that your child avoids eating or drinking for up to an hour. This will allow the fluoride to saturate into the microscopic minerals in the tooth enamel.

Dr. Courtney Uselton might recommend additional fluoride from using toothpaste with fluoride and drinking fluoridated tap water to improve and maintain tooth enamel each day. He might also encourage limiting their consumption of acidic beverages such as sodas. 

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